Persian cuisine - one of the most mouth-watering and delicious in the world. The main ingredients of Persian cuisine are rice, bread, fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs doubt. Unfortunately, rarely try real, real Persian cuisine. In most restaurants, specializing in Persian cuisine, you will be offered several kinds of kebabs and rice with vegetables. So to get the best gourmet restaurant in a high-level Persian Palace.

In Persian cuisine uses only products of the highest category, such as lamb meat, goat, calf, chicken, as well as beans, vegetables and rice necessarily.
Its a special place, dairy meals. Using olive oil, various herbs and spices is one of the main points in cooking spices blyud.Vostochnye

In Persian cuisine processing almost all meats produced without the use of fats. In this case the temperature of the frying surface is brought to 300 ° and meat fibers, clotting form crisp, thanks to which the product is retained meat juices. Meat dish turns out especially tender and juicy. Persian serves as a garnish, usually fried, steamed vegetables and boiled rice.

Almost all soups Persian cuisine prepared with meat broth. The most popular soups are prepared using rice, peas, pasta, potatoes and beans stryuchkovoy.

Main dishes - it's basically a stew and grilled meat, using tomato and vegetable pilaf with different kinds of spices and all sorts of herbs. Common wheat and maize porridge. Its spread pyramid and small pieces of seasoned meat. Particularly popular porridge made from flour, which is mixed with olive oil and hot pepper stryuchkovym. The most favorite dishes of the national cuisine of Persia and the Orientals are: pilaf of lamb and rice, which is usually added raisins, figs and almonds; "yahni" - a dish with hot spices, Persian cuisine reminiscent stew, scones implicated sour milk; halva, candied.

Special niche in Persian cuisine belongs to a variety of fruits.